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Cherry Street Station

Saturday, June 22, 2024

491 North Cherry Street Ext.

Wallingford, CT

10 Bands! 2 Stages!!


Metal Jacket - Avari - Ravager - After The Winter

Hate The Adversary - World’s Demise

Carried By VI - Dystopica - Pure Chaos

$15 CASH Door

3pm Doors - 4pm Music

Ages 21+

Bleachers Bar

Saturday, July 6, 2024

300 Middle Street

Bristol, CT

With: The Phoenix & The Raven

A Well OIled Machine


$10 CASH Door

7pm Doors - 8pm Music

Ages 21+

Sammy’s Patio

Saturday, July 27, 2024

63 Revere Beach Blvd.

Revere, MA

With: The Phoenix & The Raven


Salt of the earth recording artist: Hero and the Horror

$15 CASH Door

7pm Doors - 8pm Music

Ages 18+

Quinnz Pinz

Saturday, August 3, 2024

13 Railroad Ave.

Middletown, NY

With: The Phoenix & The Raven




$10 CASH Door

7pm Doors

All Ages

Rock & Oddities Con

@Empire Live/Underground

Saturday, August 17, 2024

93 North Pearl Street

Albany, NY

With: The Phoenix & The Raven

Blackcat Elliot

Vintri Hill

Alter Of Nex

$15 Advance Purchase $20 At Door

12pm - 9pm

Ages 16+

Ticket gets you “All Access” to the Con and bands for the entire day!

The Jugg

on Teall

Saturday, September 7, 2024

2026 Teall Avenue

Syracuse, NY 13206

With: The Phoenix & The Raven

Unspoken Hand

$10 CASH Door

7pm Doors

The Kingsland

Saturday, September 21, 2024

269 Norman Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11222

With: The Phoenix & The Raven

Dark After Dawn, Deadtide, and Forever Mortal

7pm Doors

Empire Underground

Saturday, November 11, 2024

93 N Pearl Street

Albany, NY 12207

With: The Phoenix & The Raven

Deveria, The Antarctican, Inverter, Splatterhead

$15 Advance Purchase $20 At Door

6pm Doors

Ages 16+

(Halloween/Day of the Dead costume contest)

About the band

OUTTA MY HEAD is an Eclectic Hard Rock/Metal band based in upstate NY. We don't like to think "outside of the box", we believe there IS NO BOX. Every member of our band has a diverse pallet of influences, and we strive to inject that musical diversity into our songs. Elements of Rock, Metal, Funk, and Blues are all present in the music we write. Our goal is to offer something for everyone. Music is a universal language that touches everyone differently. We strive to invoke emotion and reflection with our music and lyrics. If we can touch one person's soul and help them through difficult times, then mission accomplished. We love making and playing music and we look forward to sharing that experience with you all!

Thank You, From the bottom of our hearts, for checking us out.

We look forward to bringing you along on this journey!

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Eddie Shultis


At the age of 13 Eddie’s passion for music was truly sparked and quickly became an obsession when his father bought him his first guitar. Completely self-taught, he has filled his musical arsenal with a broad range of techniques from every genre imaginable. With 16 years of experience under his belt working with multiple different bands, he is taking that knowledge and talent and putting it all into Outta My Head. His talent and creative ear can be heard with every stroke of his 6 string as you can truly feel the passion and love that he pours into his craft. Being the inspiration and sound behind a plethora of Outta My Head’s songs he has set the stage for the band's success with his culmination of years' worth of passion and dedication. This band is, in essence, his life’s work and the core meaning of his musical career.

“Music to me is a passion and lifestyle, but more than that it is a vehicle that can take you away from everything in life. Any type of hardship that you find yourself in, you can find instant relief in music. It’s been my therapy.” -Eddie Shultis

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Bryan Desimone

Bass Guitar

As a true jack of all trades, Bryan has dabbled in percussion, guitar, piano, bass and even experimented with vocals since starting his musical career in the 4th grade. Bryan takes his extensive knowledge of all instruments and channels into Outta My Head to provide a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. He possesses this uncanny ability to hear a guitar line and come up with a bass line on the spot that compliments and enhances the music in a way that is mesmerizing. The music for Outta My Head has been his life’s work and a true expression of the boundaries they are willing to push to achieve greatness. To watch Bryan play is to witness art being created in its truest form as the music flows off his fingers in a captivating melodic way. The talent and creativity that he brings to the table is irreplaceable. He pours his heart and soul into each and every project, pulling each song from good to great.

“Music has always taken me to a different place. It has always put me in a better mood through stress, during work and just through the waves of life. Music pulled me through some rough times, as for everybody, but it really has helped me through things that nothing else could.” -Bryan DeSimone

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Anthony Amato


Being exposed to music from birth, it was only a matter of time before Anthony’s music career began. At the young age of 2 he received his first drum set and learned by watching his uncle play. But the drums aren’t his only musical talent; he also became a brilliant guitarist when his father gifted him his first guitar! Anthony’s father was the spark that ignited his passion for music and Outta My Head gives him the opportunity to live out his late father's legacy and extraordinary passion for music that he passed down to his son. His ability to come up with a beat that flows perfectly is a rare and unteachable talent. Anthony was born to be a musician and he's finally getting to put his talents to work with Outta My Head being his first band. His incredible ear and instinctual talents bring the band to a whole new level. Creating beats that grab your attention and pull you right into the music, you can’t help but to be captivated.

“Music means everything to me; it gives me an escape from life. Music has saved my life, it’s what keeps me going every day.” -Anthony Amato

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Kirk Anderson


With more than 30 years of experience, playing in multiple different original bands, Kirk started out as a drummer. After undergoing neck surgery, he suffered permanent nerve damage that ended his drumming career, but that did not stop him from keeping music in the forefront of his life. When most people would have given up completely, he decided to expand his musical horizons and ventured into singing! Not only is he a phenomenal vocalist but he is also the lyricist behind all of Outta My Head’s songs! His ability to take real life situations and emotions and turn them into lyrics that speak to your soul is truly ingenious and captivating. Outta My Head gives him the opportunity to reach people in a meaningful way with subject matter that most people avoid. For him music isn’t just a hobby, it’s a way of life and an essential part of his character, healing him and holding him together through life’s toughest battles.

“Music is the language that speaks to me, it is the medication that heals me, it is the therapy that helps me through, it is the glue that holds me together.” -Kirk Anderson

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